What is the JenausCam?
The Jenauscam is a real time monitoring system developed by JeanausSoft. You can check images transferred from PC on your smart phone wherever there is a PC connected with web cam such as home, office and store. It monitors for security reasons and is possible to share visual images with other people at the same time. The Jenauscam can be used in various fields such as security, travel, business and visual monitoring.

What are the compatible smart phones?
- It can be used in smart phones with android 2.2 and above versions.
- Please ask for help with android device having problems in replaying images on ‘Question’ and we will solve the problem as soon as possible.

What are the compatible web cams?
Web cam supporting I420 and YUY2 can be used. (most of web cam supports I420 or YUY2)

Can I share images I am watching with other people?
You can log on from more than one smart phones with Id (e-mail) and PW logged in fromPC program and PC image can be shared in several smart phones.

Can I use 3G and WIFI at the same time?
Yes you can use both.

PC(Windows) CCTV Program

Where can I download PC program?
Please log onto and you can download the program by clicking ‘Download’ menu from upper side.

The screen isn’t working.
Jenauscam’ can be used when web cam is installed. If you have installed web cam, please select web cam after logging into PC program.

Where can I see recorded image?
You can set saving folder of recorded image from setup menu of PC program.

CCTV app for the android

How'd be installed?
Access the google playstore, search the "Jenauscam CCTV"", install the "Jenauscam CCTV" Refer the guide about android CCTV app after install the [Jenauscam CCTV] app is done.

Can't leave this app.
While logging in, It's still on nevertheless putting the home button or the [<-] button, to leave this program, You should tap the [<-] button at the top-left for returning the home screen

Where'd be recorded in?
As the same with the PC Jenauscam CCTV, it is saved in the smart phone that you've used, And you can check the recorded video in the record menu.

CCTV app for IOS

Coming soon...

Android / iOS Viewer

I pressed ‘record’ but can’t find the image.
The image is not recorded in smart phone but in PC’s. You can set saved folder from setup menu of PC program. Images are saved in Jenauscam folder of my folder if you have not designated particular folder.

I have captured screen and where can I check screen shot?
After capturing screen using capture button, you can use gallery application from smart phone and you can check them in jenauscam folder.

Can I adjust image size?
You can maximize or minimize screen using multi touch.

When using 3G or LTE service, screen may blank, stop and show mosaic symptom.
When using 3G or LTE service, screen can blank, stop and show mosaic symptom. It seems carrier intervene for excessive use. When experiencing blank, stop and mosaic symptom, execute image viewer or use WIFI service little later.

If not using 3G or LTE (WIFI), screen may blank, stop or show mosaic symptom.
Some mobile phones may stops or blanks screen. We are preparing codec and it will be soon updated.

PC viewer

Coming soon...

Jenausecam's charged service

The Jenauscam viewer is be charged only.
The Jenauscam viewer is be charged once a month automatically.
We use the google payment system.

How can the charged service be canceled?
Access the [play store], tap the 3 line icon at the top-left, then it shows hidden menu from the left.
And there, tap the [my account] in the middle of the menu, and it shows you the payments and information of subscription, and then you can see how to now.
The information of subscription shows Jenauseam;s charged service

How we can use the one ID to paying for more than two different phone?
Jenauscam's charged service is using the google's subscription system.
So if you want to do, following this way
Please know that because the google shares, when the synchronization operates, it might occor some confusion to your phone number.
(please use the irrelevant phone that can share)

1. setting -> account -> add account -> choose google -> put the information of g-mail paid once before by choosing the original one
2. When you are adding, the menu of synchronization pops up, but you should deny it all.
3. When you are adding, the menu of synchronization doesn’t pop up, go with this: setting -> account -> choosing google -> select the e-mail -> deny it all about synchronization
4. After those are done, but it keeps showing you the paying page pop-up, leave the g-mail that paid once already only, eliminate all the other account, and then add the other account along.


I didn’t receive authentic mail.
Sometimes, the authentic mail is recognized as a spam mail. Please check spam mail box.
Please make inquires using ‘Contact us’ if you couldn’t find the mail in the spam mail box as well.




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