Refer the guide about android CCTV app after install the [Jenauscam CCTV] app is done.
Creation of ID    Installing PC program    Executing PC program    Installing smart phone application    Executing smart phone application

  When PC program is executed log in screen will pop up. You must use ID(e-mail) created at stage of ID creation for ID and password.

If you have checked ‘Auto log in’ It will be automatically log in after executing program. If you have checked auto log in, the program will automatically be executed after PC booting.

If you don’t have an ID (e-mail), move to homepage by clicking ‘create ID’ and create ID (e-mail).
  You can check image of cam connected by clicking log in button.
You can check smart phone information that is currently in connection from the lower ‘connected smart phone list’
  You can select cam you want among various cams installed.  
  You can start recording by clicking record button. (you can use record icon from smart phone to do the same)  
  You can select saved folder by clicking setup button. It saves in ‘Jenauscam’ folder of my folder unless designated.  

Installing smart phone application


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